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Protect children’s identities in stories about crime

Sowetan flouts its own editorial policy and violates the Criminal Procedure Act by identifying an injured child involved in an investigation.

When not to interview children: A reminder for Daily Sun and Sowetan

Media Monitoring Africa (MMA) gives Daily Sun and Sowetan a MAD for interviewing traumatized children shortly after the incident, disregarding the children’s best interest.

SABC denies it banned footage of protests

Media Monitoring Africa director William Bird said although they knew the SABC was not complying with the Icasa order, it was difficult to prove it in court.

MMA welcomes Supreme Court of Appeal decision to dismiss Hlaudi’s application

MMA welcomes Supreme Court of Appeal decision to dismiss Hlaudi’s application for leave.

Icasa warns SABC over disobeying its ruling

Media Monitoring Africa’s William Bird says every South African and organisation, including advertisers at the SABC, have the power to protect the country’s fundamental freedoms

The Internet Censorship Bill must be blocked

The combination of the Online Regulation Policy and the Films and Publications Amendment Bill provides the Films and Publications Board wide powers that amount to nothing short of censorship.

Six Open Data and Accountability Tools for Africa

Media Monitoring Africa explains its approach to data as a form of advocacy where data capture and analysis forms the first step towards active and ongoing engagement.

Driving Open Data to foster Accountability at Highway Africa

Media Monitoring Africa showcases WaziMap and Agenda Setter during the Highway Africa conference, held in Grahamstown. 

Sharing ‘revenge porn’ should be a crime, Parliament hears

MMA’s Thandi Smith, head of policy,  gives insight to the Films and Publication Amendment Bill and some of the concerns that exist therein.

Youth Through the Media Lens

At the beginning of this year, Media Monitoring Africa conducted research into the coverage of youth in South African mainstream media. Four online news media were analysed in the research for five months, from the start of February to the end of June. They are: IOL, M&G Online, News 24 and The Citizen. Focus Group Discussions were also held with a group of young people in Vosloorus, Gauteng to compare the research findings with the youth’s own suggested expectations of how media should report on youth and the issues that affect them. The research suggests distinct discrepancies between youth expectations and the media’s performance. 

Fear and Loathing at South Africa’s Public Broadcaster

Concern grows that the SABC is beginning to resemble its apartheid-era predecessor.

SABC in Parliament: Sound and fury, signifying nothing

Our democracy is, after all, for the people by the people, and those who seek to challenge that will find out the hard way.

MMA responds, with disappointment, to SABC briefing in Parliament

Given the crucial role of SABC senior management and the tacit support of the actions shown by the SABC Board and the Minister we can hardly be surprised that they would seek to defend their actions when appearing before the Communications Portfolio Committee in Parliament today, 23 August 2016.

‘Ask the blondie what she thinks’: Olympics reveals ‘gendered attitudes’

Men are three times more likely than women to be discussed when it comes to sporting achievements.

South Africa: no local music for the listeners?

Music by South African artists. That’s what was supposed to make up 90 percent of the South African Broadcasting Corporation’s (SABC) program.