About MMA

Media Monitoring Africa (MMA) was established in 1993 in Johannesburg, South Africa and, since then, has evolved from a pure monitoring-based project to an innovative organisation which implements successful media strategies for change. We use technology, social media and data tools to make our work more efficient and effective.

MMA acts as a watchdog, taking on a role to promote ethical and fair journalism which supports human rights. We promote democracy and a culture where the media and the powerful respect human rights to encourage a just and fair society.

Our vision is to create a responsible, quality media that enables an engaged and informed citizenry in Africa and the world. We aim to promote the development of a free, fair, ethical and critical media culture across the continent and to achieve our vision there are three key areas we seek to address from a human rights-based perspective:

  • Media ethics
  • Media quality
  • Media freedom

How do we define:

  • Audiences –
  • Powerful –
  • Media –
  • Citizens –


At MMA we have had numerous experiences in the 24 years since our inception, each one teaching us essential values and supporting our growth and commitment. We have learned that if we:

  • Analyse existing media content and disseminate findings
  • Undertake media-related research and disseminate findings
  • Generate and place original rights-based content in mainstream media
  • Train journalists, audiences and the powerful on rights-based reporting and media literacy
  • Undertake lobbying and advocacy with media and the powerful


  • The media will be more diverse, ethical and accountable
  • Audiences will engage more critically and constructively with media
  • The powerful will engage critically and constructively with media and audiences


  • A responsible, quality and free media that holds the powerful to account will be encouraged
  • Audiences will be able to hold media and the powerful to account
  • The powerful will communicate openly, transparently and effectively

This will ultimately lead to citizens, media and the powerful respecting a culture of human rights and thereby encouraging a fair and just society.

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