Directions to MMA from Sandton or Pretoria
  1. Travelling South along Oxford Road (i.e towards Johannesburg CBD) you will go past “The Zone” shopping centre on your right hand side.  About 2 more traffic lights further you will see the horrible McDonald’s on your left.  At this intersection – with Bolton Road you need to turn right into Bolton Road.
  2. You will start travelling downhill.  The road you are now travelling down is Bolton Avenue.
  3. Move into the right hand lane as you approach the bottom of the hill.  (you will go through about 2 or 3 lights) At the bottom of the hill you will find another intersection – this time with Jan Smuts Avenue.  You will know this as over the road on your right hand side you will see a nursery and over the road on your left hand side you will see an Art gallery.  Turn right into Jan Smuts Avenue.
  4. Travel up Jan Smuts Avenue towards Rosebank but move into the left hand lane.  Go through the first robot.  At the second robot turn left into 7th Avenue.  Standard Bank will be on your left hand side and over the road on your right will be a Renault dealer.
  5. Drive down and through the next robot where you will see Nando’s over the road on your left. Go through another robot.  Shortly after the last robot you will seem to be driving straight towards a Shell garage where the road forks.  You need to follow the road down the hill so effectively turn left, as if you were driving like Michael Schumacher through an S-bend.  Note that seventh Avenue becomes sixth street continue driving down until you come to Fourth Avenue you will see a Solly Kramers bottle store opposite the next robot.  Turn left into Fourth Avenue and find some parking.  MMA is across the road from Solly Kramers.  The entrance to our building is sandwiched between Bill Moon Antiques and the corner.  Push button 2 or 4 and we will let you in!
Using public transport

Directions to MMA from Johannesburg Central/ Braamfontein

There are 2 options to get here using public transport.  Either catch the 79 metrobus, (the schedule is on and hop out on the corner of 4th ave. and 10th st. in PARKHURST (be careful, Parktown North also has numbered streets and it is right next to Parkhurst).  Turn left and go down 4th until the corner of 6th.

The other option is to take a taxi from the metromall to Parkhurst.  Jump out at the shell garage.  You will be on the corner of 1st ave west and 7th ave.  Note that seventh Avenue becomes sixth street. Walk down 6th st. until to reach 4th ave.

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